A Hedge Witch’s Guide to Making a Magical Life
What kind of witch am I?
What kind of witch am I?

What kind of witch am I?

There is an infinite variety of hedge witches, which only makes sense since the universe has an infinity of possibilities. If that is overwhelming, let’s take it in smaller pieces.

Magic is energy. Thoughts and intentions affect energy, and therefore affect reality as we know it.

What kind of witch you are, will depend on what you have an affinity for… and by affinity I mean what you are drawn to, what you are passionate about, and what you have the most synchronicity with – and innate skills with.

For example:

I know a few hedge witches who have an affinity for baking. Everything they bake seems to be magically delicious. They appear to be able to effortlessly create amazing confections, altering recipes, and using surprising ingredients with great success.

I know some who have an affinity for animals (both wild and domestic) and can seemingly charm the birds from the trees.

One or two are technically gifted, software and gadgets just seem to work better for them – and offer up their mysteries and shortcuts with little effort.

Some are able to make artwork that speaks to the viewer. Some can sew, some can build, some can grow, some can heal. See what I mean? You can have many affinities or just one. It doesn’t make you more or less, it just makes you – YOU.

Water, earth, air, fire – all factor in – in one way or another. But for the most part, you are what your primary affinity directs you to be, with additional benefits from other affinities. And guess what? As you become more interested in an area – you can increase your skill and abilities in that area.

Wow. Just like anything else, you can have as many skills/affinities as you feel capable of learning and putting effort (energy/magic) into.

You hold the key.